Mammoth Short Term Ski Lease

Mammoth short term leases

Mammoth Season Leases

Whether you want to rent a home for the entire ski season known or you want to come for just a month, there are special properties in Mammoth Lakes that are made for rentals that are longer than 30 days. We call these short term leases. It is very typical of these leases to last 5-6 months usually during the ski season, hence the name, Mammoth Ski Lease".

Working with selected owners in town, we offer mostly high end ski leases in Mammoth properties for families and corporations that want to have a home for a season. Nothing can compare to the convenience of "living like an owner" without all the headaches! These properties in Mammoth are second homes, often come on rental programs like ours, which is why we offer them this way. Often time the Mammoth ski team families will want to get a place for the season. It makes it a whole lot easier when you can leave your gear and clothing and have the place just the way you left it when you come back. We do not carry employee housing, or lower end "green shag" units.

For corporations, we offer extremely high end properties that you can entertain your clients with. We will take care of all the maintenance, cleaning, and serve your clients with white glove treatment. You might want them to experience a custom après ski party, a private chef, or any number of services. We've done this for many corporations including Heineken, Discovery Digital, Toms Shoes and Broadcom. We take care of everything. You just get your clients to come. And when they leave, we clean it up and get it ready for the next group.

Size: Our typical ski lease starts at a 2 bedroom/loft, 2 bathroom and goes up in size to 4 bedrooms.

If you're thinking you would like a second home in Mammoth, this is the absolute best way to find out. Let us help you find the right place for a trial go.



With any kind of lease longer than 1 month you can expect to pay some of the costs associated with the rental home or condominium in addition to the rent.

    Renter Costs
  • Electricity / Gas
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cleaning
  • Last Month's Rent /Security Deposit
  • Breakage
    Owner Costs
  • Cable TV
  • Snow Removal
  • Water / Trash
  • Repairs / Maintenance


This is a growing market in Mammoth. City Concierge is on the look out for second homeowners in Mammoth who may consider a longer term lease rather than being on a nightly vacation rental program. Seasonal leases are legal in Mammoth on any property and always have been. They have become the new norm, especially for homeowners that only use their place a limited number of days during the winter or summer want to earn income during their off season use.

New jobs, lack of income, lack of use, transitions are all reasons why homes come on the shorter term rental market. There is less maintenance and expenses associated with a 5-6 month lease then with nightly vacation rentals. If you're interested in finding out more about our service, please feel free to call the office and speak with one of the agents who can assist you and give you all the information. It's your call. 866-864-6444