One Lake, Two Shores, 365 Days of Fun

Lake Tahoe Information

Lake Tahoe and Mammoth share some of the two best seasons of the year; winter and summer. Lake Tahoe is especially known for the fun on the lake with jet skiing and boating. In winter, it is all about the skiing.

Vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe provides a way to have an experience that differs from the traditional hotel experience. As a guest of the city, you will get to experience the sites more like a local would, so your vacation is much more relaxed, but still full of all the wonderful things to do that you may miss if you get stuck in hotel resort.

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake and part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains much the way Mammoth and Yosemite are. Staying close to the water in Tahoe vacation rentals are the way to see nature at it's best. You'll be tucked in the forest or lakefront in one of the most beautiful alpine environments with a lake that is one of the largest in the United States.

One of the most interesting parts of Lake Tahoe is that it sits right on the California and Nevada border; half a lake on each side. You can drive around the lake which takes about 2 hours and the scenery is spectacular don't matter which way you look. When you're trip plans, you'll want to decide if you want to stay in the north or the south. The town of Tahoe City is what most people are referring to when they say North Lake Tahoe, but it is a small city made of several towns including Truckee where you'll find Northstar, Incline Village home of Diamond Peak, and Olympic Valley home to Squaw Valley.

South Lake Tahoe is made up of two cities one with the name of South Lake Tahoe and the other in Nevada called Stateline, where you find the casinos. Most people refer to the area as just South Tahoe. Here is Heavenly Mountain Resort, and Kirkwood Mountain resort all within 14 miles of each other. This shore is home to skiing and snowboarding, and hiking, fishing, mountain biking and especially gambling in the casinos. Due to the large casinos on the Nevada/ California border, South Lake Tahoe has an enormous nightlife.

If you fancy something, fancy, then you will want to check out Incline Village Tahoe. It's a beach community with a ski resort. It is a beautiful resort. In summer you can lay on their private beaches, or golf in one of the many courses on the north-shore. In winter, you'll find family fun at Diamond Peak resort. The other north-shore mountains; NorthStar and Squaw are just about 30 minutes drive.

From South Lake Tahoe you can drive to Mammoth Lakes for summer and winter fun. It is about 3.5 hours. You can play all day in Tahoe and be in Mammoth at dinnertime. Similar activities exist in both areas and during both seasons. Mammoth is a lot closer to Yosemite, only 45 minutes. So on your way south from Tahoe, you will want to detour into Yosemite and get lost exploring the park for a day. If you're taking a longer vacation in winter, you should consider staying in both places as you can ski all day at Heavenly Valley, hop in your car when the lifts close at 4:00 PM and be in Mammoth for dinner by 7:30PM. Large hotels are nice, but they are not the best option for vacations that are a little longer, so we do recommend a vacation rentals when you're your trips are longer than 2 nights.

It is totally possible to come up from Southern California such as San Diego, ski a few days at Snow Summit and then go on to Mammoth or Tahoe. Start by making your Big Bear reservations for those nights. We will set you up if the next stop is Mammoth, and our friends at Tahoe vacation rentals will help you the rest of the way. This is a definite vacation plan if you're coming up from Baja California, Mexico, or from out of state.

To find out exactly where Lake Tahoe is, what is happening and get some really good information on the resort call our friends at Lake Tahoe City Concierge 866-864-6444.

North Lake Tahoe

From Mammoth, North Lake Tahoe is about the same 3.5 hours plus a little longer to get to Squaw Valley / Olympic Valley. It is the same route as going to South Lake Tahoe, but when you get to the intersection at the lake, your turn right instead of left. Pretty simple. In North Lake Tahoe you'll find 3 resort areas, Incline Village, Northstar and Squaw. As they are so close to each other, it doesn't really matter which resort or exactly where you stay along the lakeshore. We have lots of suggestions, and some pretty impressive properties.